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Members of the Executive Committee

Updated May 2017 

PRESIDENT                             Paul Laflamme

PAST PRESIDENT                     Maben Poirier


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Last Meeting Monday November 10 2008 at 7:30 pm

St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson

New WWII Documentary
Produced by St.Lazare Historian David O’Keefe<!--break-->
David O’Keefe has presented two documentaries on the Normandy invasion to the Hudson Historical Society. The first, Black Watch: Massacre at Verrières Ridge, tells the story of the ill fated (or ill advised) raid on Verrières Ridge. The second, Bloody Normandy tells the story of Canadian infantrymen during the last year of the Second World War.

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March 12, 2007 Meeting: "That Was Then" by Thelma McCourt

7.30pm, St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson

One of the most popular features in the Hudson/St. Lazare Gazette is the That Was Then photograph adorning the editorial page. Astute readers will recall that over the years Thelma McCourt has furnished many of these photographs. Thelma McCourt, a lifelong resident of Hudson, has amassed a considerable collection of pictures of this area taken by herself, her relatives and neighbours. She also has an interesting visual record of her great-great-great-grandfather James Day, born in 1768 on the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England.

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Website updates

We have just finished updating the HHS website to a new version of the content management system (CMS) that we use to run this website. We have recently been having some problems with spammers trying to gain access to the website by creating accounts or sending emails via the contact form. This new version allows us to add in some extra security in an attempt to block these people. We have also banned certain IP address from accessing this website altogether. Most are in the Ukraine, so if you know anyone there that wants to access the site, let us know.


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Next Meeting: Pioneer Families of Hudson | Les Pionniers de Hudson

St. James Anglican Church (Eglise Saint-James), 642 Main Road, Hudson

The first people to be granted land in what we now call Hudson were Louis Mallet, Jean-Baptiste Sequin, Jean-Baptiste Sabourin, Antoine Quesnel, Augustin Leduc and Pierre Villeneuve. These Hudson pioneers cleared land, built homes, explored, traded, married and had numerous children. Their descendants are still here in significant numbers today. Join us as Pat McCaffrey presents her fascinating explorations into the early days of Hudson. Date/Time: Monday, May 8, 2006 at 7.30pm Place: St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson Everyone welcome!

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The new website

Welcome to the newly redesigned Hudson Historical Society website. As you can see we've almost completely overhauled the old site. We hope that this new website will become a regular stop for you while you cruise down the information superhighway.

As you might have noticed, there is a login dialog on the right side of the screen. By creating a new account, you will have the opportunity to participate in (and initiate) forum discussions. We have also given the ability to maintain your own blog (or weblog). Think of it as an electronic diary or journal. Here you will be able to write about anything that interests you, although we do hope it will have a historical slant.

In an effort to help you to use the new features of the website, we have put together a short tutorial that you can download (see the link below this message). It is a PDF file, so you might need to download the Acrobat Reader to view it. If you have a newer computer, it may already have been installed for you.

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You have entered the Archives of the HHS. Hudson's history has been a long and interesting one, so you are likely to find all sorts of odds and ends here.


Resources for Teachers

This page will have links to numerous resources for teachers to use in the classroom.


Educational resources

We often get calls from students and teachers asking about the history of Hudson. Hence, we are adding information here that you may find helpful in the preparation of school projects. We have a section for students and one for teachers. Feel free to browse around and use the information you find in these pages.


Hudson & History

Thinking about doing your history project or paper on Hudson? Good choice! The story of Hudson and the county in which it is located -- Vaudreuil County - is rich in personalities and events, and goes back long before the birth of Canada. There are lots of interesting topics right where you live. See our current project themes and topics at the bottom of this page.

The Hudson Historical Society (HHS) plans to put many resources online to help you create an interesting project, whether it is a multimedia presentation or a term paper.

We'll be adding pictures, links and text to this page on a regular basis, so check back often - we hope you will find what you need here, now or in the near future.

To begin, we'd like to recommend two resources. The first is the Timeline of Hudson History, which you can access from the toolbar on the homepage of this website. You'll see that the history of Hudson is divided into different eras.

Another good resource is a book published by the HHS that gives a good overview of Hudson before 1867. The book is called Hudson: the Early Years Up to 1867. It was written by John Thompson, who grew up in Hudson. It is available at the Hudson War Memorial Library (60 Elm St., 458-4814), or you can buy a copy at Acorn bookstore in the Hudson IGA shopping centre.

The Hudson Historical Society has published other books, about Hudson families, architecture, industries and services such as the fire department. You can find out about about these books in our Library section.

If a book is not available through the library or Acorn Bookstore, you can buy a copy from us. Mr. Rod Hodgson is in charge of book sales for the Hudson Historical Society. He can be reached at: (450) 458-6603 or through his contact form.

Themes and topics


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