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April 2009 meeting. The History of the Como-Oka Ferry by owner Claude Desjardins.

 The Como-Oka FerryThe Como-Oka Ferry

Hudson Historical Society Marks 100 Years of Ferry Service to Oka - Martin Smith writes:

One of the favourite tourist features of Hudson is the Oka Ferry. As I mow my lawn on Saturday mornings, I am regularly asked by passersby where the ferry is located (along with requests for directions to Finnigans, and the Willow Inn). Over the years, the unique tug and barge system kept us fascinated, and in awe of the skill of the crews to perform the docking procedure (you know what I mean)!

I have been a regular user of this service since university days. My first experience was as part of a car rally, but have since regularly used it while cycling. The ferry also gives me a practical short cut when driving to visit my parents in the Lanaudiere. I am a regular.

This year marks 100 years of operation of this service. On Monday April 13th, Claude Desjardins will share stories and photos from over the years. From its humble beginnings to today's modern and unobtrusive self-propelled units, the story of le Traversier Oka should be one to enjoy. The presentation will be bilingual, and Claude will answer questions in either language.

Please join us at St. James Church Hall at 7:30 PM on Monday April 13th to enjoy this visit with our past, and perhaps our future.

Martin Smith

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