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Website updates

We have just finished updating the HHS website to a new version of the content management system (CMS) that we use to run this website. We have recently been having some problems with spammers trying to gain access to the website by creating accounts or sending emails via the contact form. This new version allows us to add in some extra security in an attempt to block these people. We have also banned certain IP address from accessing this website altogether. Most are in the Ukraine, so if you know anyone there that wants to access the site, let us know. Some of the more visible security enhancements are the use of Captcha's on some of our forms. A captcha is a test to see if the user is a real person. On this website, we use a maths question. So, if you are wanting to create a new account or send us a message through the Contact form, you will have to answer a maths question now. Don't worry, the maths is very simple, so everyone should be able to answer the questions correctly. We are also hoping to implement a genealogy interface in the near future. We will be using the program PhpGedView. So, if you have some family trees already on computer, AND they can be saved in the Gedcom format, then you will have the ability to upload them here. Please note, that the program will only be available for registered users.