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Resources for Teachers

This page will have links to numerous resources for teachers to use in the classroom.


Educational resources

We often get calls from students and teachers asking about the history of Hudson. Hence, we are adding information here that you may find helpful in the preparation of school projects. We have a section for students and one for teachers. Feel free to browse around and use the information you find in these pages.


Hudson & History

Thinking about doing your history project or paper on Hudson? Good choice! The story of Hudson and the county in which it is located -- Vaudreuil County - is rich in personalities and events, and goes back long before the birth of Canada. There are lots of interesting topics right where you live. See our current project themes and topics at the bottom of this page.

The Hudson Historical Society (HHS) plans to put many resources online to help you create an interesting project, whether it is a multimedia presentation or a term paper.

We'll be adding pictures, links and text to this page on a regular basis, so check back often - we hope you will find what you need here, now or in the near future.

To begin, we'd like to recommend two resources. The first is the Timeline of Hudson History, which you can access from the toolbar on the homepage of this website. You'll see that the history of Hudson is divided into different eras.

Another good resource is a book published by the HHS that gives a good overview of Hudson before 1867. The book is called Hudson: the Early Years Up to 1867. It was written by John Thompson, who grew up in Hudson. It is available at the Hudson War Memorial Library (60 Elm St., 458-4814), or you can buy a copy at Acorn bookstore in the Hudson IGA shopping centre.

The Hudson Historical Society has published other books, about Hudson families, architecture, industries and services such as the fire department. You can find out about about these books in our Library section.

If a book is not available through the library or Acorn Bookstore, you can buy a copy from us. Mr. Rod Hodgson is in charge of book sales for the Hudson Historical Society. He can be reached at: (450) 458-6603 or through his contact form.

Themes and topics


Hudson Historical Society Library

From the library you can access all the society's articles, books, publications and other information pertaining to the history of Hudson and its environs.

The Hudson Historical Society has published numerous books about local pioneer families, historical buildings, the early colonization of the area, and the histories of local businesses and services (fire, police, library, etc.) A complete list is available for perusal. These publications are available at The Acorn, Hudson's bookshop, online through this website, or by regular mail.

The Society also publishes Now and Then, a newsletter which, true to its title, is published now and then and is currently available for download in pdf format.

New content is always being added, so check back often.

Como FerryComo Ferry


Meetings and Events of The Hudson Historical Society

A Day in the Life….

One of the nicest features in the Hudson Gazette is the “That was then” historic photo that appears on the editorial page each week. The Hudson Historical Society would like to ensure this documentation of everyday life continues well into the future.In conjunction with the Greenwood Centre for Living History and the StoryFest month, the Hudson Historical Society invites all budding historians to continue to write the story of our fair village. Each year, on a specific date, we invite residents of Hudson to take photographs of everyday life in and around their home, neighbourhood or part of Hudson they may find themselves in. We plan on repeating this event during different seasons over the years, in order to preserve our living history.In 2008, the event was held on August 2, Street Fair Day. Here is a photo taken that day.

Hudson Street Fair 2008Hudson Street Fair 2008

Annual Field Trip

Each Summer, the Society organizes a field trip to an archeological site or other areas of historical interest.


List of Meetings

Below is a list of meetings and events that have been held by the society. The monthly meetings are included in this list. Click on the title of the event to see more information about it.


About the Hudson Historical Society


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