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8 January 2007 Meeting - Tragic sinking of the SS Atlantic

7.30pm St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson

In the early 1990s an uncle in England contacted Hudson resident Martin Hofton about an obscure link in their family’s history. Did Martin know anything about John and Sarah Jones and their sons John and Arthur?

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13 Nov 2006 Meeting - Military Historian Sheds Light on Canadian Soldiers in Siberia

Monday November 13, 7.30pm at St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson

The Siberian Expeditionary Force: A (Nearly) Forgotten Episode of WWI Long-time residents of Hudson remember Frank Wilson. Born in 1890, the youngest of James and Carolyn Wilson of Cote St. Charles' nine children, Frank was one of the large contingent of local men who answered the call to defend King and Empire in the Great War. He survived, returned to the Cote, but soon left for Ottawa where he learned the trade of carpentry. Two decades of work in Detroit followed.

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9 Oct 2006 Meeting - "Up North"

Monday October 9, 7.30pm at St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson,

In the Foreword to Joseph Graham’s Naming the Laurentians Graeme Decarie recalls that when he was teaching in China his students asked him where in Canada he lived. He replied, “UpNorth”. “They were profoundly impressed and wanted to see a picture of my igloo. I had forgotten that UpNorth is a place that exists only in the vocabulary of Montrealers.”

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11 Sep 2006: First Meeting of Autumn 2006 Season - "Up Cote"

Monday 11 Sep 2006, 7.30pm - St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson

A few years ago Ralph Simpson made an important discovery in his barn: three collections of photograph negatives. The photographer was his father Lem, who as a young man had taken up photography as a hobby.

As a teenager and young adult Lem (born in 1903) often brought his camera along with him to record the people, places and events of his community - the Cote St. Charles Settlement.

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Summer Fieldtrip 2006 - Loyalists, Highlanders and Nor'westers : A Visit to the Old Eastern District

corner of Main Road and Selkirk (opposite the pharmacy and SAQ store)

For the first time in recent memory our summer field trip will actually take place in the summer! Saturday, August 26, to be precise.


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Next Meeting: Pioneer Families of Hudson | Les Pionniers de Hudson

St. James Anglican Church (Eglise Saint-James), 642 Main Road, Hudson

The first people to be granted land in what we now call Hudson were Louis Mallet, Jean-Baptiste Sequin, Jean-Baptiste Sabourin, Antoine Quesnel, Augustin Leduc and Pierre Villeneuve. These Hudson pioneers cleared land, built homes, explored, traded, married and had numerous children. Their descendants are still here in significant numbers today. Join us as Pat McCaffrey presents her fascinating explorations into the early days of Hudson. Date/Time: Monday, May 8, 2006 at 7.30pm Place: St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson Everyone welcome!

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Steam, Fire, Ice and TNT!

Rod L. Hodgson and Martin R. Hofton
$20.00 *Aug 2016

The Hudson Fire Department, Ice Harvesting on the Ottawa River, Local CPR line celebrates its 100th Anniversary and the Rigaud Munitions Factory Explosion of 1917 are covered in this new book.

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