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"Captain of the Clouds" Screening to Mark 70th Anniversary of British Commonwealth Air Training Plan


On Sunday 1 May at 7 pm the Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre (CAHC/CCPA) will be holding a fund raising performance of “Captains of the Clouds” at the  Hudson Village Theatre to mark the 70th anniversary of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP).  The evening will start with a wine and cheese reception followed by the showing of the film and the distribution of a complimentary souvenir booklet on the making of the film and the BCATP itself.This 1942 patriotic film, starring James Cagney, chronicles the entry into the RCAF of a group of highly individualistic bush pilots who must adapt to the military as they are prepared by the BCATP to go to war.  Scenes were shot in wartime Ottawa with early footage of bush planes flying near North Bay featuring Noorduyn Norseman, Fairchild 71C, and other vintage aircraft.  The action then moves to several wartime RCAF bases replete with a variety of training and operational aircraft.  WW I flying ace Air Marshal Billy Bishop makes an appearance playing himself at a Wings Parade.   All shot in glorious technicolour.Don’t miss this wonderful evening of nostalgia to be enjoyed in the company of fellow aviation enthusiasts.Admission by donation:  $ 45.00 for an individual and $ 75.00 for a couple, fully covered by a tax receipt.  Tickets available at the CAHC/CCPA (Eric Campbell) or reserve by phone (John Lawson, 450 424 2893)The venue is the Hudson Village Theatre at 27 Wharf Road, Hudson, dress casual. Get your ticket now or reserve for box-office pick-up as seating is limited.  


April Meeting Features Two Hudson Historical Society Projects

For the last year the Hudson Historical Society and the Greenwood Centre for Living History have been involved in two projects sponsored by QAHN – the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network.   Last month we enjoyed one of the products of this collaboration, Greenwood’s video “Remembering Percy Nobbs”.    In February we watched our own video production, “Hudson, Small Town, Big History, Big Heart,” available in English and in French.  At our April meeting we will unveil two other QAHN-sponsored projects:   Digitization of Oral History Tapes: Beginning in the late 1950’s former Hudson resident Jean Morrison, who is recognized as a Canadian pioneer in the field of Oral History, began interviewing English and French-speaking residents of our area.  Stored for decades on analogue tape in a damp basement, these interviews have now been transferred to digital format and rendered accessible using Concordia University’s “Stories Matter” software.  At our April meeting we will once again hear the voices of those who have now passed away.  These voices include long-time Mayor George Runnels, a medical doctor, who expresses his belief in reincarnation, and the alumni of Mount Victoria School, a one-room school that closed in 1918.      Hudson’s “Greatest Generation”: Our Historical Society is currently putting together an exhibition for our museum devoted to Hudson’s experience of World War II.   While this little village in Canada was spared the trauma of invading armies, the war had a profound impact on the residents of Hudson – both those who served in uniform and those on the Home Front. Writer Karen Molson is in the process of putting together this story, which will consist of artefacts from the time, bilingual banners and written descriptions, photographs and oral history interviews.   At our April meeting Karen will describe the project and how it is progressing – and she will invite members to share stories and artefacts that will enrich this exhibition.  So bring your stories, either of your personal experiences or of someone you knew, and add your voice to this commemoration of Hudson’s “Greatest Generation”!       

 Date / Time: Monday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m. Location: St. James Church Hall, 642 Main Road Hudson      

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February Meeting & AGM to Be Held on Tuesday February 15, 2011


The Hudson Historical Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15 at 7:30 p.m. at St. James Church Hall. [Monday, our regular meeting day, happens to fall on  Valentine's Day, so our meeting is re-scheduled for Tuesday.] 


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Meeting of January 10th 2011

            January 10 HHS MEETING TO FEATURE ARTISTES HUDSON ARTISTS For the first meeting of the calendar year the Hudson Historical Society welcomes artist Monique Verdier.  Monique is a member of ARTISTES HUDSON ARTISTS, a community group nurturing creativity in the area since it was founded as the Lake of Two mountains Sketching Group in 1950. Monique will present her PowerPoint presentation featuring the interesting history of Hudson and area artists who have been creating and exhibiting their work for over 50 years. The HHS meeting takes place at St. James Church Hall, 642 Main Road Hudson on Monday, January 10 2011 at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome.(A drop-in fee of $5 is requested of non-members.)

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David O'Keefe Launches New Documentary at November HHS Meeting


It’s becoming a tradition – in November 2008 and 2009 David O’Keefe gave HHS members unforgettable insights into the challenges faced by the Canadian army (especially the Black Watch) as our soldiers battled to regain the European mainland and help win WWII.       We are privileged to have this spellbinding historian and filmmaker return once again to out address this year’s November meeting.    On Monday November 8th David returns to the HHS to show us his latest video project, “The Secret War Files.” This documentary is a revisionist look at the “Battle of the Mace” in the Falaise Gap, where the Polish 1st Armoured Division was trapped and badly mauled by two SS Panzer Divisions, until they were relieved by the Canadian Grenadier Guards. Through research in formerly ultra-secret military files David was able to bring to light how failures in intelligence and communications affected the outcome of this engagement. The battle of the Falaise Gap was the decisive engagement of the battle of Normandy.  This battle resulted in the destruction of the bulk of the German forces west of the River Seine, thus opening the way to Paris and the German border. “The Secret War Files” will be shown for the first time at our November meeting, with David O’Keefe introducing the program and answering questions following the presentation.   We are grateful to the Hudson Village Theatre for letting us use their facilities so that we can premiere “The Secret War Files” on their state-of-the-art screen and sound technologies.    

Please note that for this exceptional occasion our meeting will NOT be held at St. James Church Hall. We will meet at the Hudson Village Theatre (the old Hudson train station) on the usual meeting day, Monday, November 8 and the usual time, 7:30 p.m. 

As this is our Remembrance Day meeting, don’t forget to wear your poppy! This presentation is not to be missed by WWII veterans and history buffs. [NOTE: On Wednesday the 10th, the History Channel will devote the entire day’s programming to all of David O’Keefe’s WWII documentaries, including “The Secret War Files”.  – But we will have the privilege of having the historian with us to respond to our comments and questions!] 

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October 2010 Meeting




Please note: because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the October meeting will take place on Tuesday October 12, and not on our customary Monday meeting date.

Date & Time: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 7.30pm

Place: ST. JAMES CHURCH HALL, 642 Main Road Hudson

According to Wikipedia, "Timber framing is the method of creating framed structures of heavy timber jointed together with various joints, but most commonly originally via lap jointing, and then later pegged mortise and tenon joints."

Technical descriptions aside, timber framing can result in some of the most architecturally striking homes and other buildings you are likely to see anywhere in the world. And Hudson native Murray Elliott (son of Mayor Michael Elliott) is one of the foremost practitioners of this craft in eastern Canada. Murray is president of Hamlet Heavy Timberwork, based in Rigaud. Rigaud,

Murray has agreed to join us at the October meeting of the Hudson Historical Society to talk about the history and present practices and techniques of timberframe construction. His presentation will be illustrated by pictures of striking buildings in different stages of construction.

Hamlet Heavy Timberframe new-build work ranges from authentic medieval style timber frame homes to contemporary heavy timber structures, focusing on traditional craftsmanship and original design.

Murray and his associates have served apprenticeships in Europe and have had the opportunity to carry out conservation work to historic buildings in several different countries. They now apply these skills to the restoration projects and new construction they undertake here in Quebec. If you would like to see examples of their work, check out their website at:

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Storyfest 2010


Hudson Historical Society Sponsors First  StoryFest EventIt’s that time of year again – time for Greenwood’s StoryFest, a cornucopia of literary activities that will run from October 3 until November 1.  Once again the Hudson Historical Society is proud to participate in this leading cultural event. 

Hosted by: Scot Gardiner and The Hudson Historical Society Hudson Stories 3:00p.m.

October 3rd


586 Main Road


 The festival opens with old-time and recent residents of this area telling their  stories (sometimes poignant, often funny ) about Hudson life and Hudson characters.    Bring your stories to the former Mullan’s store, 586 Main Road (Corner Cote Saint Charles), at 3 p.m. on Sunday, October 3rd. Or just bring your ears to listen to the stories of your neighbours, and your eyes to see how this oldest public building in Hudson has been transformed into a beautiful home by your hosts, Ron Laursen and Susan Kennedy. This is the third time that the Hudson Historical Society has sponsored “Hudson Stories,” and again this year the event is organized and emceed by our own genial storyteller, Scot Gardiner.  Previous participants – storytellers and story listeners alike – have enjoyed themselves tremendously.  An offering to defray the costs of refreshments and to support Greenwood’s activities would be appreciated. 


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Ed Cowell to speak at the April 12 2010 Meeting: the Ups and Downs of Life as a Weatherman

Ed Cowell, Montreal’s favourite weatherman (until his recent retirement) will be the guest speaker at the Hudson Historical Society’s monthly meeting on Monday April 12th at St. James church hall.

Born and raised in Montreal, Ed is married with three daughters and has lived in Rigaud since 1972. Ed’s post secondary education specialized in meteorology at Federal Institutes in Ottawa and Cornwall and in Television Weathercasting at Lyndon State College in Vermont. Ed was a meteorologist with Environment Canada for thirty-three years and a weather broadcaster with CBC and CJAD radio stations also spanning 33 years.

Ed will entertain us with his tales of the ups and downs of his life in the public eye telling us what we may encounter on the drive to and from work every day.


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Annual General Meeting

The Hudson Historical Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday February 8th 2010 at 7:30 pm at St James Church Hall. All members of the Society are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served.

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