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The Hudson Hosiery Company

Started by a group of local entrepreneurs just before World War II, The Hudson Hosiery Co. Ltd. was for many years the only full time industry in the Town (the ice harvesting operations on the Lake of Two Mountains being seasonal) until it was destroyed by fire in March 1965. During its peak years, the "Hosiery" employed some 100 or so local residents.

In a late 2004 meeting of the Hudson Historical Society, the President, Mr.Kevin O'Donnell commented that very little information on the Hosiery Company existed in the Society's archives, and that it would be useful to record its history while there were still people around who remembered it and worked there. I volunteered to do this, and during the summer of 2005, spent many interesting hours poring through back issues of the Lake of Two Mountains Gazette (which paints a fascinating picture of the development of Hudson over the last 50 years), the Canadian Textile Journal with its many illustrations of changing clothing fashions and talking to ex-employees, all of whom seem to have fond memories of that little company.

This, then, is the story of the Hudson Hosiery Co. Ltd.

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