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Industries in Hudson

  • There were at least two glass manufacturing factories in what is now Hudson in the 19th century, from the 1840s to the 1870s. We'll be posting information about this industry soon.
  • In winter ice was harvested commercially on the Ottawa River for decades, until about 1965, It was sold in Montreal, especially to the Windsor Hotel, and was a major source of employment in the winter. Check back soon for more information.
  • Have you noticed that there are no factories in Hudson? There used to be - until the mid-1960's. That's when the Hudson Hosiery Company, which made men's socks and ladies' stockings, burned down. The Hudson Hosiery Company operated on the site of what is now the Hudson Medi-Centre. Martin Hofton wrote a paper which gives the history about this factory, which in its day employed many people in Hudson. You can read about this Hudson factory by clicking here.

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