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March Meeting March 11, 2019



The HHS is proud to present Keleigh Goodfellow-Théorêt and her presentation about - North West Company

Kaleigh graduated from Concordia University in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in history and literature. She now is the curator of the Glengarry, Nor'Westers & Loyalist Museum in the historic Glengarry County, Ontario, from where she hales.

In her talk, Keleigh will be speaking on the North West Company, the Montreal based fur trading interest that was a fierce competitor of the Hudson Bay Company for a time. She will also be touching upon the North West Company's contributions to the exploration of what is now Canada as well as it's connections to Glengarry County.

Please to make it to the meeting as it will no doubt be most interesting.

Guest are welcome (5$ entrance fee)

See you there.

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