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“Québécois culture through the eyes of an artist, 1935 to 1960. Marcel Dargis - artist and storyteller”

“Québécois culture through the eyes of an artist, 1935 to 1960.  Marcel Dargis - artist and storyteller”: author Louis E. Leprohon speaks of one of Quebec premiere ‘naif’ painters. 

Louis Leprohon lives in Saint-Lazare, Quebec and met Marcel Dargis through his lifelong love of art, especially naïve art.  Marcel's paintings are an interpretation of life in a Francophone Catholic parish. He thought it was important to write on Marcel's contribution in preserving a part of Quebec's cultural heritage. This is his first book.

Background: after graduating from Loyola College with a Bachelor of Arts, Louis worked in sales, brand management and advertising for multi-national corporations. He founded L.E.L. Marketing in 1979, one of Canada's first full service sales promotion agency. The company evolved into an integrated communications company.

Apart from short stints in Vancouver, Toronto and England, he has lived in Quebec all his life.

Please join us in what no doubt will be a very interesting talk about the significance of recording communal life using this art form.

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