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A Christmas Wishlist for the HHS... please read about how you can help the HHS create and preserve our legacy

A Xmas wish list for HHS and its membership (click read more...)

Are you, or someone you know, about to upgrade home or office equipment, maybe in preparation for Christmas or the New Year?  The Hudson Historical Society is in a need of some serious technology upgrades to be able to create, manage and protect important files (photos, documents, sound and video).

If you intend to divest yourself of any of the following items please contact the undersigned and I will gladly come and pick them up!  I can assist you in making decisions about protecting your data (backups, deleting personal files, etc..), potential software licensing issues and/or moving content or applications to your new PC.  In the event that we cannot use the donated equipment I will ensure it is handled by the regional ecology center in Vaudreuil and not simply thrown in the trash.


Office PC with Windows 7 or better

22 Inch or better LCD monitor

External hard drive(s)

Surge protected power bar/box

Good quality flatbed scanner

Slide/negative to digital scanner

Digital video recorder

Photo editing or other specialty software *must be licensed user


Other stuff.... we also need a long term loan of a 16mm projector (with a spare reel) to review/analyze films left to the Society before going through the expense of converting to new media.

We are always looking for historical documents, media (photos/movies) and artifacts, if you wish to donate any such items please let us know and our in-house expert can provide assistance in dealing with the object(s).

At some point we will be reviewing photos of people and buildings and will require a small audience of Hudson ‘lifers’ to participate in a series of workshops to document these historical items for posterity.  If you or someone you know is available, let me know and I’ll add the contact to our list of potential participants.

Season’s greetings and all the best for the new year from the Hudson Historical Society!