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Award winning author Peter Behrens at Hudson Village Theater

Award winning author Peter Behrens will visit Hudson as part of StoryFest on Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 7:30pm at the Hudson Village Theatre. (read more...)

 Tickets are $15, and are on sale at the door, at or at Pure Art (422 Main Road). 

Susan Gilmore writes "In his latest book of short stories, Travelling Light, the process of growing up, struggling to mature is presented in three sections. The description of Montreal in the first section is a Montreal of the 1960’s that largely no longer exists.” 

Peter will be showing us a series of pictures that provided the inspiration for his writing; it promises to be a fascinating evening.

On Wednesday he will be visiting Westwood High School to speak to the English classes.

Do join us at the HVT at 7:30 pm, Tuesday Oct. 14th.