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AGM Monday April 14 2014 - Details: Guest Speaker Elizabeth Morgan

We are pleased to announce that our speaker for the forthcoming meeting is Elizabeth Morgan of Senneville.  She is the grand-daughter of Frederick Cleveland Morgan.... (click topic to see all info)

F. Cleveland Morgan was a co-owner of the Henry Morgan Department Store (now The Bay).  He was also a collector of decorative arts, a horticulturist and a philanthropist.

At a very young age F. Cleveland Morgan became interested in the decorative arts and pursued this passion for the next 46 years. In 1900, he took charge of the decorative arts department at the store and tirelessly expanded the collection of ceramics, wood and metal work, glass and silver until it filled the entire first floor and represented the history of the decorative arts from around the world, including important Canadian and Quebec collections. He worked with quiet energy, without remuneration and with a clear vision of a museum’s public and educational role.

F. Cleveland Morgan also left a legacy in natural history. He was internationally known for his expertise in the design of alpine rock gardens and for iris hybridization. He created the iris hybrids “Caesar’s Brother” and the “Mount Royal Iris” among others.   He was honored by the Royal Horticultural Society and by the American Iris Society.

In 1945, the Morgan family donated 350 acres of land to McGill University for the creation of the Morgan Arboretum a magnificent green space that many of us have enjoyed.

We hope to see you at St. James Church Hall, Monday, April 14 at 7:30 p.m.