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Nov 11, 2013 Guest Speakers: HHS Welcomes Marine Historians C. Milligan/D. Smith


For their Remembrance Day meeting the Hudson Historical Society will feature McGill professors Chris Milligan and David Smith who have a two decade interest in ships.

They were commissioned to research and publish a study guide into the history of Le Pelican, the 17th century naval vessel captained by Pierre LeMoyne d’Iberville , who single handedly sank a Royal Navy vessel, captured a second ship and chased off a third in what became known as the “Battle of Hudson’s Bay” near York Factory, in 1697.

Chris and David will tell us about this early hero and the book they co-authored, titled CHECK MATE, about this little known episode in Canadian history.

You may remember the replica of Le Pelican, built in Malbaie, that was moored in Montreal harbour in 1998 and subsequently sold to New Orleans, (which was founded by d’Iberville).

We will meet in St. James Church Hall at 7.30 on Monday November 11th.