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NEWS! T.B. Macaulay/Mount Victoria Farms

T.B. Macaulay and Mount Victoria Farms: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Last Thursday the Hudson Historical Society received this message from Catherine Timms, a student of history at York University in Toronto:

I am a 4th year history student at York University and am beginning my
research for my honours thesis, the subject of which is Thomas Bassett
Macaulay. I am aiming to look at his life outside of the Sun Life, as a
breeder of Holstein cattle, Mount Victoria farm, and his connections with
Scotland, in particular, Lewis.  At the present, I am looking for archival
sources and I would like to enquire if the Hudson Historical Society holds
any of T.B. Macaulay’s personal papers, farm documents, or documents,
photographs etc. that would be useful to my area of study.

Catherine is in luck – in the last few months the Hudson Historical Society has acquired exactly the documents she is looking for.  This young scholar will be the first to have access to this treasure trove of primary research.

But first, members of the Hudson Historical Society will be treated to a sample of Macaulay’s writings --the incredible range of his active interests, his wit and his poignant moments.

We will also look for the first time at a video interview with his grandson, Doug Macaulay, as he gives a tour of Mount Victoria Farm in 2002. 

Date and Time: Monday, May 13, 2013 – 7:30 p.m.

Place: St. James Church Hall, 642 Main Road, Hudson