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The Rouillard Family, Fur Traders, Explorers, Pioneers in New France Featured at January 9 2012 Meeting

The meeting will take place on Monday January 9th at 7:30 p.m. at St. James Church hall, 642 Main Road, Hudson. Click on READ MORE for details   

The January meeting will feature a talk by author Marcel Pronovost, who will describe the lives of his ancestors who settled in Quebec in the late 1600's.   Through his research he was able to glean much information about their lives as habitants in"<!--break-->"  the new colony.  He will be recounting in particular their roles in the fur trade and as explorers.  


 Marcel's ancestor, Mathieu Rouillard was a fur trader who died in the Mississippi delta in 1702.  He was the first European to be buried in Louisiana, 20 years before the founding of New Orleans.


 Mathieu and his wife, Jeanne Guillet left countless descendants throughout

North America under the names Pronovost and St. Cyr.


Marcel has written a book about their lives under, the English title "Hearth and Home" and the French title "Feu et Lieu".  


The books will be on sale at our meeting.<!--break-->