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David O'Keefe Launches New Documentary at November HHS Meeting


It’s becoming a tradition – in November 2008 and 2009 David O’Keefe gave HHS members unforgettable insights into the challenges faced by the Canadian army (especially the Black Watch) as our soldiers battled to regain the European mainland and help win WWII.       We are privileged to have this spellbinding historian and filmmaker return once again to out address this year’s November meeting.    On Monday November 8th David returns to the HHS to show us his latest video project, “The Secret War Files.” This documentary is a revisionist look at the “Battle of the Mace” in the Falaise Gap, where the Polish 1st Armoured Division was trapped and badly mauled by two SS Panzer Divisions, until they were relieved by the Canadian Grenadier Guards. Through research in formerly ultra-secret military files David was able to bring to light how failures in intelligence and communications affected the outcome of this engagement. The battle of the Falaise Gap was the decisive engagement of the battle of Normandy.  This battle resulted in the destruction of the bulk of the German forces west of the River Seine, thus opening the way to Paris and the German border. “The Secret War Files” will be shown for the first time at our November meeting, with David O’Keefe introducing the program and answering questions following the presentation.   We are grateful to the Hudson Village Theatre for letting us use their facilities so that we can premiere “The Secret War Files” on their state-of-the-art screen and sound technologies.    

Please note that for this exceptional occasion our meeting will NOT be held at St. James Church Hall. We will meet at the Hudson Village Theatre (the old Hudson train station) on the usual meeting day, Monday, November 8 and the usual time, 7:30 p.m. 

As this is our Remembrance Day meeting, don’t forget to wear your poppy! This presentation is not to be missed by WWII veterans and history buffs. [NOTE: On Wednesday the 10th, the History Channel will devote the entire day’s programming to all of David O’Keefe’s WWII documentaries, including “The Secret War Files”.  – But we will have the privilege of having the historian with us to respond to our comments and questions!] 

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