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October 2010 Meeting




Please note: because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the October meeting will take place on Tuesday October 12, and not on our customary Monday meeting date.

Date & Time: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 7.30pm

Place: ST. JAMES CHURCH HALL, 642 Main Road Hudson

According to Wikipedia, "Timber framing is the method of creating framed structures of heavy timber jointed together with various joints, but most commonly originally via lap jointing, and then later pegged mortise and tenon joints."

Technical descriptions aside, timber framing can result in some of the most architecturally striking homes and other buildings you are likely to see anywhere in the world. And Hudson native Murray Elliott (son of Mayor Michael Elliott) is one of the foremost practitioners of this craft in eastern Canada. Murray is president of Hamlet Heavy Timberwork, based in Rigaud. Rigaud,

Murray has agreed to join us at the October meeting of the Hudson Historical Society to talk about the history and present practices and techniques of timberframe construction. His presentation will be illustrated by pictures of striking buildings in different stages of construction.

Hamlet Heavy Timberframe new-build work ranges from authentic medieval style timber frame homes to contemporary heavy timber structures, focusing on traditional craftsmanship and original design.

Murray and his associates have served apprenticeships in Europe and have had the opportunity to carry out conservation work to historic buildings in several different countries. They now apply these skills to the restoration projects and new construction they undertake here in Quebec. If you would like to see examples of their work, check out their website at:

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