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February Meeting. The Story of the Dragon Munitions Factory 1907-1917

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The picture shows a tranquil scene where the meandering Rivière Raquette crosses Route 342 a mile east of Rigaud. But on a Saturday morning in August 1917 it was far from peaceful. It was hell on earth when the wartime munitions factory of the Curtis and Harvey Company disappeared in a series of explosions as workers and residents fled the scene among showers of flaming debris.

At our meeting on February 9th, Martin Hofton will talk about the various types of explosives which were made there, the history of the Curtis and Harvey Company and the events surrounding three explosions during the Company's ten year occupation of the site.

The meeting will be at 7:30 pm at St. James's Hall. See you there! Dragon Explosion (1917)Dragon Explosion (1917)

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