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St. James Anglican Church, 642 Main Road, Hudson

New WWII Documentary
Produced by St.Lazare Historian David O’Keefe<!--break-->
David O’Keefe has presented two documentaries on the Normandy invasion to the Hudson Historical Society. The first, Black Watch: Massacre at Verrières Ridge, tells the story of the ill fated (or ill advised) raid on Verrières Ridge. The second, Bloody Normandy tells the story of Canadian infantrymen during the last year of the Second World War.
These films have both re-enactments of various battle scenes and events, as well as interviews with veterans about their history. Anyone who saw them were left moved and pensive.
On Monday, November 10, the Hudson Historical Society is pleased to welcome back David. He will present another History Channel film, entitled “Bloody Victory”. As with the other two films, expect an in-depth discussion about WWII, with David answering questions and leading discussion following the programme.
Bloody Victory picks up after the fall of Normandy and tells the story of Canadians fighting up the Channel coast, through the soggy Scheldt battles and into Germany and Holland.
This programme highlights the experiences of the vets rather than focus on the details of particular battles. The programme is fast paced and quite moving. David O’Keefe worked as writer, historian and assistant director on this project.
The Hudson Historical Society meeting takes place on Monday, November 10, at 7:30 PM at Saint James Church Hall. Everyone is welcome.

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