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Les Auberges d'Hudson - The Inns of Hudson

Roderick L. Hodgson
$15.00 *Aug 2016

The book describes the various inns, boarding houses and B & B's of Hudson from 1792 to the present. Old photos of the buildings, people and stories and anecdotes are throughout the 110 page book.

Les Auberges d'Hudson - The Inns of Hudson

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2. Making socks

As children we have all knocked four nails into the top of a cotton bobbin and by continuously hooking woollen yarn over the nails have produced a circular woollen "rope".

In a typical circular knitting machine for making socks, the four nails are replaced by about 250 needles and hooks, and up to as many as 400 in a machine for making nylon stockings. Although many types of machine were used by Hudson Hosiery including Banner and Komet, the photo shows a typical basic circular sock knitting machine. (This particular machine by Scott and Williams was built around 1915 and was still in operation in the Richelieu Hosiery Plant in Cornwall when it closed in 2000).

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1. The Early Years

The March 4th , 1938 edition of the Canadian Textile Journal carried the following report:

"New Hosiery Concern. Incorporation of the Hudson Hosiery Co.Ltd. with a capital of 10,000 shares of no par value is announced in a recent list of new companies. The company has not yet started operations."


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The Hudson Hosiery Company

Started by a group of local entrepreneurs just before World War II, The Hudson Hosiery Co. Ltd. was for many years the only full time industry in the Town (the ice harvesting operations on the Lake of Two Mountains being seasonal) until it was destroyed by fire in March 1965. During its peak years, the "Hosiery" employed some 100 or so local residents.

In a late 2004 meeting of the Hudson Historical Society, the President, Mr.Kevin O'Donnell commented that very little information on the Hosiery Company existed in the Society's archives, and that it would be useful to record its history while there were still people around who remembered it and worked there. I volunteered to do this, and during the summer of 2005, spent many interesting hours poring through back issues of the Lake of Two Mountains Gazette (which paints a fascinating picture of the development of Hudson over the last 50 years), the Canadian Textile Journal with its many illustrations of changing clothing fashions and talking to ex-employees, all of whom seem to have fond memories of that little company.

This, then, is the story of the Hudson Hosiery Co. Ltd.

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Historical articles, stories and news

Welcome to article resource of the HHS. Here we have collected together all our articles, stories, and news that deal with the history of Hudson and its surrounding areas. There might even be some articles about historical happenings elsewhere in the world, but usually there will always be something in the story that links back to Hudson.

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Industries in Hudson

  • There were at least two glass manufacturing factories in what is now Hudson in the 19th century, from the 1840s to the 1870s. We'll be posting information about this industry soon.
  • In winter ice was harvested commercially on the Ottawa River for decades, until about 1965, It was sold in Montreal, especially to the Windsor Hotel, and was a major source of employment in the winter. Check back soon for more information.
  • Have you noticed that there are no factories in Hudson? There used to be - until the mid-1960's. That's when the Hudson Hosiery Company, which made men's socks and ladies' stockings, burned down. The Hudson Hosiery Company operated on the site of what is now the Hudson Medi-Centre. Martin Hofton wrote a paper which gives the history about this factory, which in its day employed many people in Hudson. You can read about this Hudson factory by clicking here.

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T.B. Macaulay and Mount Victoria Farm

You have seen Holstein cows in the countryside wherever you have travelled in Canada and the United States. Did you know that many of those herds can trace their ancestry back to Hudson? Holsteins are the main cows of the dairy industry, and Hudson played an important role in making this happen. You can find out more by reading a small (35 pages) book on the topic called T.B. Macaulay and Mount Victoria Farm. It was written by Rod Hodgson, who writes often in the Hudson Gazette on historical topics.

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Main Road Hudson: Then and Now

W.L. Gardiner and Trisha Santa
$10.00 *Oct 2016

A pictorial tour of Main Road Hudson with historical captions.

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Hudson: Protection of its Architectural Heritage

Mary Henshaw Monserrat and Lucie Blier
$5.00 *Oct 2016

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Historical Buildings of Hudson and Area 1792-1913

Rod L. Hodgson
$15.00 *Aug 2016

Historical buildings of the region with sketches by various local artists.

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