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HHS Monthly Meeting 19:30 - Monday, November 9th. 2015

Prof. David R. O'Keefe: (PLEASE CLICK Read more...) Award-winning historian, professor, documentarian and best-selling author David R. O'Keefe returns to Hudson to talk about his new series on the History channel titled ‘War Junk’.  During his time with History Television, he has created or contributed to nearly twenty television documentaries, including: the highly rated Camp X (1999); Murder in Normandy: The Trial of Kurt Meyer (1999); and Forced March to Freedom (2001) for Academy Award-nominated David Paperny Productions.

He is about to debut a new season of War Junk on November 8th after spending his summer filming in Holland, France and Italy.  In addition, he is currently hard at work on documentary about the Scout/Sniper platoon from the Black Watch of Canada set to air in November of 2016.

No doubt this will be as exciting as his previous talks, please join us for the evening! 

Please see Prof. O’Keefe’s bio (attached)

To get some background about the series go to:

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