Help us save Victoria Farm

HHS Monthly Meeting 19:30 - Monday, Oct. 13 2014

The meeting will have two presenters.  Our first speaker will be Carol Outram, a textile artist who was born and educated in the UK.  Carol resides and works in Hudson where she is very involved in assisting small craft and design businesses particularly those of women in remote communities.  Carol is presently on a town committee that is making preparations for the celebration of Hudson’s 150th anniversary.  She will be discussing some of the suggestions that the committee has received and will surely appreciate feedback from the HHS audience.

The second speaker will be Thelma McCourt, our tenacious archivist, who will present a series of photos showing Hudson homes which no longer exist or which have been substantially renovated or modified.  This presentation will be of great interest to those who are new to Hudson and long term residents.  Come and hear the stories and reminisce about these homes which are no longer part of our cityscape.

So, after the relatives and friends have left, the turkey leftovers have been dealt with and the mess has been cleaned up, what better way to relax but to attend the HHS meeting, Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 at St. James Church hall at 7:30 p.m.

Please join us!

REMINDER: we thank all those who have paid their membership dues and encouraged those who may have lapsed to catch –up to their obligations the next time we meet.